Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?  We found him.

If you really want to know about the foundation & ideology behind Bitcoin, you simply need to speak with Satoshi Nakamoto.  Fortunately, I had the pleasure to sit down with Satoshi for a 3 hour one on one interview last week.  Although I am hesitant to type out the entire discussion, I am considering publishing the audio as a podcast.  Possibly next month.  If that goes well, maybe I will contact Netflix or Amazon to see if they have any interest in airing the video.

To be honest, Satoshi was far more outspoken and flamboyant than I had originally expected.  Truth be told, considering the number of years it took for me to track him down, I thought he would be far more tight lipped during our discussion.  The fact that he granted the interview at all was astonishing to say the least.

So, where do I begin?  Maybe I should first give you an explanation of how I actually tracked him down.  Have you seen Ripper Street?  My investigation started with collecting clues, but stiff arming a few people during interviews was actually rather helpful.  I am not condoning ruffing up an interviewee, but believe it or not a little bit of intimidation does bring additional clues to light.  When questions are asked and answers are given that do not meet the desired result, asking the questions again with a bit more vigor will on occasion lead to a more trustworthy answer.

First stop was to interview a gentleman named Christopher McQuarrie and his associate Bryan Singer.  Although not 100% fruitful, the conversation did lead to a reclusive man that was going by the name Cary Elwes.  After several days of a rather intense conversation, Cary did provide an answer that I was desperately trying to receive.  Although he was looking a bit worse for wear as we were parting ways he did ask me to "please understand" that he held me "in the highest respect".  I advised him that I respected him as well but I told him, "since I can't have you following me either", I must leave swiftly.

After leaving Cary it was time to research how to find Mr. Weaving.  Although he was born in Ibadan, Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria he traveled extensively.  Very difficult to track him down.  When I finally caught up with him he was sitting at his computer frantically coding away.  He appeared as a mad scientist, but rather than standing in a lab coat surrounded by beakers and test tubes he was sitting on a bean bag, drinking mountain dew and typing with great haste.  After calling to him for a few moments with zero response I could not resist asking, "Are you like a crazy person?".  He stopped typing instantly, looked up at me and said, "I am quite sure they will say so".  He went back to typing as if no statement had been made at all.

Yes, a smack in the face brought his typing to a halt so our discussion could properly begin.  I was happily surprised with a few facts he was able to corroborate.

OK, time for a coffee break.  After I get back, I will let you know who Hugo suggested that I go see next.  Although the following stop was not actually Satoshi Nakamoto it was someone that truly new where to find him.

Who is Gavin Andresen, I meant to say who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Do you realize that the inventor of Bitcoin is one out of billions?  The list of humans that are possibly Satoshi Nakamoto is a rather long list.  Maybe the list needs to be blockchained to maintain an accurate account of options.

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